Mounted to a rifle using the scope mount on a 25mm scope tube.

Custom pic rail mount

Custom mount for correct eye relief on Ruger M77 Mk2. Aluminium.

Custom paralex wheel

ANT night vision with custom paralex wheel, anodised black.

CZ Shadow 2 Warne Red dot mount

Custom mount fo CZ Shadow 2 for Warne red dot. Fitted to firearm

CZ Shadow2 Warne Red dot

Custom mount for CZ shadow 2 with Warne red dot mounted and ready for action.

Barrel thread end cap

Barrel thread and cap. Protects the thread and crown whenyour device isn't attached.

Muzzle Brake, Tikka Varmint barrel

Muzzle brake and end cap on a Tikka T3 with a varmint barrel. Finish matched.

Muzzle Brake, Radial

Tikka T3 with a finish matched radial muzzle brake.

Rem 7600 Muzzle Brake

Muzzle Brake on a Remington 7600, timed.

Breach to the rifling

Chamber, throat, lead, rifling.

Spanish Mauser custom Pic Rail